Ideal Protein Weight Loss Reviews & Testimonials

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Reviews, Testimonials & videos

Video testimonial from a woman and two men who lost between 40 and 50 lbs. each! using the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program during 4 to 5 months! The extra weight didn’t come back…

(Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program) Los Angeles-Testimonials of Dr. Ken Best

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Los Angeles-Testimonials of Dr. Ken Best

“What I like about the Ideal Protein program is that you get to eat all those delicious foods.
At the same time you’re learning about nutrition; you body goes in to cytosis, you are actually burning fat cells as opposed to burning the calories. You are actually reshaping your body and the most incredible thing for me was that it’s the education process i’ve actually changed the way I look at food and the way I understand what gets into my body and how my body is affected by that. The most important thing really is it’s a lifestyle change is not a diet you go on six months to get off and you gain all the weight back. If you follow all the steps you actually have a new attitude towards eating and your life will change completely and the way you look at food.”

“I actually lost over 50 lbs. in the 4 months that I’ve been in the program. So I’m actually finish with it officially now, I’m in what they call in the maintenance mode and people will tell you ‘you will get it all back again’ and the reality is that you look at food differently! and what you put in your body now. I’m maintaining my weight in a very confortable way now and I’m not giving up anything I like to eat!”

“I’ve had recommended the Ideal Protein weight loss program to countless people. It is actually just a simple plan; just you have to get into it and just keep going. It work for me when nothing else seems to be working. I would loose some weight on another things then I will hit a point and with the Ideal Protein I will pass that point and I got down where I want to be.”
“I lost 36 lbs.!”

“The results were amazing! I lost close to 50 lbs. in 9 weeks, but more than the number on the scale my body completely changed. I’ve never felt that lean in 25 years. I’m so happy with the program. Really happy!”
“Dr. Best is the best!”


Weight Loss Women Ideal Protein

Weight Loss Women Ideal Protein

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Ideal Protein Los Angeles Weight Loss West Hollywood, CA
Ideal Protein Weight Loss in Los Angeles by Chiropractor, Dr. Kenneth Best voted no.1 L.A. Times. Call Dr Best Chiropractor West Hollywood: (323) 655-5515 …

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Ideal Protein is on Facebook. To connect with Ideal Protein, sign up for Facebook today and natural weight loss program in Los Angeles, California

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Ideal Protein
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